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Digicon Media is the pioneering Hollywood digital studio that created the first computer generated virtual actress to adopt

the persona of a global pop icon -Marilyn Monroe when it created and produced VM2-Virtual Marilyn in 1996. 

VM2-Virtual Marilyn 's first words were captured in her talking "head shot" which introduced her as the first virtual

actress to perform in all digital media. 

Digicon employed the bleeding edge computer animation technology available in 1996 to produce  a  one hour pilot for a TV/internet entertainment magazine program, "What's Hot, What's Not", and a Japanese music video of the song "Love Me, Love Me" to

demonstrate VM2's ability to perform as an entertainer.

In June, 1996 VM2 was selected by Sony Chairman Idei to be the first virtual host for Sony's satellite broadcast of its global "Digital Dream Kids" initiative in which VM2 portrayed the universal computer Avatar of the future, demonstrating how VM2 would be the world's most popular friendly user interface- Universal Avatar- for all computer/internet activities of families in the future.

In 2014 the hyperrealistic computer animation technologies and Artificial Intelligence capabilities will be used to at long last introduce Virtual Marilyln  as the Avatar and chatbot she has aspired to become since 1996.

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