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Susan Griffiths has developed an international career as Hollywood's favorite Marilyn Monroe actress and performer in TV, commercials and on the stage.   Susan has now returned to Digicon to resume the role she originally created in 1996, as the "persona" of VM2- Virtual Marilyn, the first computer generated virtual actress produced in Hollywood.

In 1996, Susan made history with Digicon when her motion capture performance of the 3D CG virtual actress, VM2-Virtual Marilyn, animated the first interactive computer generated media icon to perform for TV, the internet and a live audience.  She has now rejoined the Digicon Media team to supervise the development of VM2-Virtual Marilyn as the world's first computer generated virtual actress to live on the internet and perform in all genres of digital media.  Susan is considered to be the world's foremost student and authority on the performance persona of Marilyn Monroe created by Norma Jeane Mortenson.

She will assure the fans around the world who have embraced the persona of Marilyn Monroe as the #1 pop icon, that the persona of Marilyn adopted by VM2-Virtual Marilyn, will be meticulously faithful to Norma Jean's creation in all its applications as a computer generated media icon. "I am tremendously excited about rejoining the project to bring VM2- Virtual Marilyn to life on the internet as the world's most popular virtual actress and computer avatar.

My entire career in Hollywood has been an homage to the persona created by Norma Jean Mortensen and now adopted by the global popular culture as its #1 pop icon." The opportunity to supervise how that Marilyn's persona is faithfully adopted and eternalized by the world's first computer generated actress is a dream come true.  I will work with Digicon towards making sure that rapidly evolving technical developments in Artificial Intelligence will be applied to VM2 as A.I.'s friendliest "user interface". I am hoping that in the future Virtual Marilyn, as the first computer generated virtual actress to adopt a human persona, will in fact become the first Virtual Human."

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Digicon Media is a Worldwide computer generated (CGI), animated and reality television

production company. Digicon is a pioneer in the development of Internet based global

branded avatars, virtual actors and "synthespians".It was founded in Los Angeles as

Digicon Entertainment in 1995, creating the first interdisciplinary media company combining

award winning producers and creators from television, multi-national advertising and the

newly emerging medium of the internet to advance entertainment and marketing in all media

originating on the internet.   

In 1996 Digicon anticipated the transformation of global branded entertainment and advertising through hyperrealistic computer generated motion capture live animation. After identifying the leading developer of live motion capture animation software it directed the creation and production of the first computer generated digital virtual actor that could perform on and from the Internet in all media.The company determined that the creation of the first virtual actress that "lived" in cyberspace and worked in all media for entertainment, advertising and marketing should adopt the persona of Marilyn Monroe, the most popular icon of Hollywood and glamour recognized around the world. 

Hollywood's Favorite Marilyn Monroe Actress/Performer Resumes Starring Role as  VM2- Virtual Marilyn 

In 1996, Digicon created, produced and globally distributed the first computer generated virtual actress to perform in all digital media, adopting the persona of the #1 global pop icon, Marilyn Monroe. 

In 2012, the US Copyright Office recognized official copyright protection of VM2-Virtual Marilyn as the first original computer generated character to adopt a human persona.