The persona of Marilyn Monroe has returned from cyberspace as VM2 - Virtual Marilyn, the world's favorite digital icon of pop culture. 

Her first series of collectible animated stickers will spice up social media chats and texts around the world for millions... 

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Digicon media

Digicon Media introduced Virtual Marilyn in 1996 when Sony International ended a worldwide search with the selection of  VM2 as the best example of what a computer Avatar of the future would look like and sound like.   Sony Chairman Idei hired VM2 for her first professional job hosting the launch of  Sony's Digital Dream Kids campaign at Sony's Global Distributors Conference in Hawaii in 1996.  Virtual Marilyn was 20 years ahead of her time. Now, in 2017 the technologies of hyper-realistic CGI, internet HD video, artificial intelligence  and global social media will finally make it possible for Virtual Marilyn to reach her potential as the world's favorite virtual icon.

The US Copyright Office issued the first Certificate of Copyright Registration in February 2012 for a virtual actor VM2, the Virtual Marilyn, officially confirming the copyright perfected in 1996 and licensed to the company, marking a historic milestone in the history of entertainment and advertising. 

M - Virtual Marilyn and the Secret Singularity​ 

        In 2017, Virtual Marilyn will debut her new graphic novel series in which she plays "M",  the world's most popular avatar with super advanced artificial intelligence.

       She secretly achieves the Singularity and becomes the first Virtual Super Heroine whose control's over all technology imbues her with omni-powers to protect humankind from the evil threats posed by mechanical AI.​​